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Pindoria Solicitors are specialist property Solicitors in London covering property related legal work across the United Kingdom. Our property law solicitors provide our clients legal services in relations to all aspects of property work including residential conveyancing and commercial property law. Our conveyancing solicitors London are able and will ensure your property related transaction is smooth and hassle free as possible.

Our conveyancing solicitors our established and has the requisite skill and experience covering all aspects of property transactions from lease extension and transfer of equity . The property solicitors have experience in residential sale and purchase to commercial leases. As property law firms, we ensure that our clients are always professionally and efficiently served with the right expertise and knowledge of our property lawyer London .

Get in touch with our lawyers to find answers to all your residential and commercial property-related problems.

Some of our Property Law Services


  1. What do solicitors do when buying a property?

    When you hire reliable solicitors, buying property becomes easy, legally compliant and stress-free. Conveyancing solicitors will handle all legal contract work, provide credible advice, liaison with Land Registry services, handle property searches and ensure proper transfer of money for your property.

    A qualified conveyance solicitor will offer a range of legal services so that you don’t run into trouble during the purchase of your property.

  2. How long does it take to buy a property?

    The answer to your question, ‘How long does it take to buy a house?’, depends on several factors. Some of the factors include the type of house you are looking for, your financing requirements, time taken for negotiating contracts, the time of the year and the housing market.
    Generally, buying a house can take anywhere between 4 – 5 months to search for a property and an additional two months to close the contract.

  3. How much are solicitors fees for buying a property

    The average solicitor fees for buying a house depends mainly on their experience, expertise and effort.
    In addition to SDLT, home insurance, mortgage broker, you could also be required to pay solicitors fees for buying a house. A property solicitor will manage all the necessary administrative and legal work necessary for purchasing a property. Your solicitor will also manage the search, analyse the results, and report them to you and the lender.

    Some property solicitors might charge you by the hour, offer fixed fees, or take a fixed percentage of the property value. So, the solicitor costs for buying a house will cover their costs and fees.

  4. What should I ask the property solicitor?

    It is always a good idea to note down all the questions you want to ask your property solicitor before contracting their services. You might consider asking,

    • What are your fees?
    • Who will work on my case?
    • What kind of experience do you have in dealing with similar cases?
    • What will happen if sales fail to go through?
    • When should I pay the conveyance fees?
    • Has my mortgage lender approved your services?
    • How do you manage disputes?
      Additionally, before seeking the services of a solicitor for buying a house, you could also check their reviews and client feedback.