Research suggests that more than two-thirds of people in the UK don’t have a Will, yet a Will is one of the most important documents you will ever produce as it protects and distributes your assets in accordance with your wishes.

Many people believe they are either too young to write a Will or don’t want to face the uncomfortable truth about their mortality, but the truth is that dying without a Will can make what is already a tough time a lot harder for your family. By writing a Will with the help of will writing solicitors, you leave your loved ones clear instructions as to your wishes.

It also enables you to create a financial framework for your children that will ensure they are looked after until they are old enough to do this for themselves, as well as give direction as to who will look after them.

Getting a will prepared by the expert will writing solicitors can also be used for reducing potential tax and to protect your assets for future generations and from being used to pay care home fees.

Our experts have many years of experience in offering Will writing services in London. All Wills are reviewed by one of our legal team, ensuring that it is legally binding and accurate.

Without a Will the way is left open for issues such as, family disputes. Your tax liabilities may be greater and your estate may not be divided in the way you had wished.

At Pindoria Solicitors we ensure a Will is prepared with minimum fuss, looking at all the implications  and leaving one of life’s most important documents in safe hands.

If you have any requirements for will writing London, feel free to get in touch with our will writing solicitors.


  1. What is a Will?

    A will is a legal document that directs how your wealth – property, bank balances, possessions and other assets – need to be distributed after death and spells out the guardians responsible for minor children.

    If there is no will in place at the event of death, it becomes incredibly challenging to understand the deceased’s wishes concerning asset distribution and care for minor children. It is essential to seek the services of Wills writing solicitors so that your heirs don’t end up spending a considerable amount of money on setting the financial affairs in order.

  2. Do I need a Will?

    ‘Do you need a will?’

    It is one of the most commonly asked questions that have a relatively straightforward answer.

    It is YES.

    Contrary to popular belief that only the wealthy need a will, there are many good reasons why everyone needs a Will in place.

    If you don’t want to have any ambiguity regarding your asset management after your death, you need a will. Moreover, a will also clearly mentions who deserves which asset and when they are eligible to receive them.

    In the Will, you can also mention a will executor who will handle probate management. Additionally, you can also select a guardian for your minor children.

  3. What happens if you die without a will?

    Another common question asked to us is ‘What happens if there is no will?’

    Let’s break it down into easily understandable points.

    1. Your assets might be distributed to undesirable people (according to the deceased)
    2. If there is no will, the estate will be passed intestate –meaning married, close relatives and civil partners can only inherit.
    3. Your heirs could spend considerable time, money and effort in collecting the willed property.
    4. There is ambiguity regarding your last wishes.
    5. Your minor children might not be cared for without a named guardian in place.

    In the unfortunate event that you die without a will, it becomes challenging to know exactly how you wish to distribute your wealth.

  4. Do you need a solicitor to make a will?

    Certainly not.

    You can draft a will entirely on your own.

    It will need not be witnessed, drafted or approved by wills and probate solicitors. Anyway, considering drawing the Will on your own only when managing your assets is pretty straightforward.

    It is always recommended to seek a will writing solicitors to ensure the asset management and distribution are done according to your wishes.

    Although a will might look easy to draft, it is possible to make unintentional mistakes due to the lack of legal knowledge. You might think it is expensive to get a solicitor for a will writing purpose, but it turns out to be quite beneficial in the long run.

  5. How much do solicitors charge for a will?

    The cost of making a will takes into account the complexity of the estate, and if the Will is written by yourself or with the help of solicitors. You can, however, write your own Will using the DIY methods or the innumerable templates available online. Yet, it is best to get a solicitor to draft your Will to be legally robust without overthinking the will writing cost.

    When you ask a solicitor, ‘How much to write a will?’ they will generally consider the complexity of the estate, trusts, overseas properties, and other parameters before quoting a figure.


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