Probate Solicitors London

Dealing with an estate

When a loved one has passed away, the thought of sorting out their financial affairs and estate can often be overwhelming.

We appreciate these difficulties and in light of this we are there to assist. As one of the best probate solicitors London, we work hard to ensure that dealing with such matters is  as easy as it can be. Alongside this, our highly qualified estates and probate solicitor team will see that this is done to a high level of legal expertise.

It is also understood by us that advice needs to be suitable to your specific needs. As a result we are able to assist in matters ranging from the application for a Grant of Probate as well as dealing with any issues of inheritance tax or even some of the minor probate and estate administration issues. This help is not limited to whether in fact there is a written will or not.

Probate involves applying to the Court (Probate Registry) and submitting a tax declaration to HM Revenue & Customs for the purpose of Inheritance Tax (death duties) even if no tax is payable.

Our probate solicitor will carry all the necessary work which includes (but not limited to) the following:


  • Preparation of the necessary documentation in order to obtain the Grant of Probate
  • Application to the Probate Registry to get the appropriate Grant of Representation
  • Ensuring the correct distribution of the estate:
    • Assessment and resolution of any claims against the estate
    • Placing all statutory adverts to manage claims against the estate
    • Making an assessment on any variations of how the estate is to be distributed


  • Communicating with executors and beneficiaries of the estate throughout the course of the administration of the estate
  • Communicating with financial institutions and relevant organisations to the estate throughout the course of administration of the estate
  • Identifying, verifying and valuing assets based in England and Wales
  • Gathering assets of the estate
  • Preparation of accounts of the estate for beneficiaries
  • Distribution of the estate to beneficiaries


  • Preparing and completing effective Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Claiming any relevant relief or exemptions that might apply to the estate
  • Calculating any Inheritance Tax that might be owed

Pindoria Solicitors has experienced solicitors that specialise in helping clients obtain probate.  Probate is the process of giving someone the right to deal with a deceased person’s assets (called the estate) for the purpose transferring those assets of the deceased to the lawful executors (if there is a Will) or administrators (if there is no Will) for distribution to the rightful beneficiaries.

Please contact our Probate lawyers for more information about Pindoria Solicitors probate service and need advice on effective probate and estate administration.