Asset Protection Planning

Winner of 2014 Finance Monthly Asset Protection Law Firm of the Year

You may feel the need to protect your assets against potential unknown problems, which might or might not occur in the future, such as divorce, and creditors. Bharat Pindoria the founder at Pindoria Solicitors personally handles in this incredibly complex area of law as one of the UK’s leading asset protection specialists. There is a belief among the lawyers that people plan for death with Wills and Life Insurance but regrettably spend less time and effort on preserving their hard earned wealth during their life.  Asset Protection is a full health check on your wealth ensuring it is in good condition to withstand the unknown be it  a frivolous court case or a divorce.  Our view is that keeping your wealth is equally important as making it.

The protection of assets encompasses multiple areas of law. Such complexity can be minimized with access to asset protection specialist lawyers that will provide you with well-considered and practical solutions so that your assets are best protected.

Professional asset protection solicitors are an elite field and we have the knowledge to provide numerous solutions tailored to your individual circumstances and the type of assets you are dealing with.

Business failure, the possibility of litigation and long-term care are just some of the issues, which can jeopardise a client’s wealth.

Pindoria Solicitors has a deep commitment to protecting its clients from financial risks. We always aim to show our expertise by advising you on how best to prevent your assets from going down undesirable avenues. In such circumstances, it is necessary to consult an asset protection solicitors in London such as ourselves. We can give you the level of guidance to ensure you are heading in the right direction.

Often it might be the case that assets and liabilities need to be separated in order to maximize protection of assets. Such work is carried by our Managing Director, Bharat who identifies what needs to be separated in order to preserve the hard work of individuals.

We do not encourage or promote abusive tax schemes disguised as Asset Protection.  We want our plans to withstand a full frontal assault from creditors and third parties.