Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)

Pindoria Solicitors are leaders in the United Kingdom in respect of applications for Overseas Citizenship in India (OCI). On a daily basis we advise, applications and submit complete application online.  Please note we do not act as agents in your application.

We provide a complete service for OCI visa anyone wanting a professional and reputable solicitors firm to assist with their OCI application UK.

We will do the following:

  • Draft and prepare your OCI application
  • Prepare the OCI Affidavit/Statutory Declaration
  • Organise a Postal Order (optional)
  • Monitor the OCI application
  • Inform you when the OCI application is successful

As a result of changes made in March 2015 by the High Commission of India, London office all clients will need to submit their application in person.  We can assist you with this process.

Pindoria Solicitors provide a one stop service for your OCI visa applications.