Domestic Violence

Pindoria Solicitors is able to help if you have previously experienced or are currently experiencing some form of violence or threats from your partner. In such matters it is important to act quickly to put you out of danger. As a result, there is the possibility of an injunction order which is assessed in light of the circumstances of your case. Another way in which time is saved is if proceedings are instituted by police i.e. through issuing harassment proceedings.

The advice offered by our domestic violence solicitors London extends to a situation where you or your family might be dependent on the person carrying out the abuse in terms of financial assistance. We recognise that differences exist from case to case but it is fundamental to note that even if there is an issue of finance it is not expected that a victim of such abuse feel that they need to stay in such an environment.

As domestic abuse solicitors, we seek to line our advice in accordance with whether you need protection, or advise you if you are being alleged of having carried out domestic abuse.

Being in a difficult situation, it is important you know that you have legal rights as an individual, this is where Pindoria Solicitors can help you out.


  1. What is domestic violence?

    Domestic violence refers to an incident that involves abusing your partner or a family member, either physically, mentally, or sexually. A domestic violence solicitor can take up a domestic violence case and help you find various outcomes for your situation.

    Domestic abuse includes:

    1. Coercive control
    2. Psychological or emotional abuse
    3. Financial or economic abuse
    4. Physical or sexual abuse
    5. Online or digital abuse
    6. Harassment and stalking

    Domestic abuse lawyers are professionals who have experience in such cases and should definitely be consulted in case of domestic violence events.

  2. Do I need a lawyer for a domestic violence case?

    Yes, it is recommended for you to hire a domestic abuse lawyer for your case. A domestic violence case can have severe consequences on your life if it goes in the wrong direction. Hence, it is better to consult a lawyer for domestic violence cases so that you can try to achieve the best outcome for yourself.

    The conviction made against you in a domestic violence case can lead to consequences such as permanent disability from seeking employment.

  3. How much does a domestic violence lawyer cost?

    A domestic abuse solicitor fee depends on the complexity of the case. Some cases may require less paperwork and both parties want the same outcome. In such a case, the fees charged by the domestic violence lawyer is less.

    Conversely, if the case is complex, the attorney may charge you a higher fee. Other than that, court costs are involved in a domestic violence case.

  4. Does domestic violence have to be proven?

    Yes, you need to prove before the court that you have been abused in some form by your partner or a family member. A domestic abuse lawyer can be hired for this purpose who can draw your case and represent you in the courtroom.

    They help provide domestic abuse legal advice and collect evidence to provide before the court, which can prove your victimisation. A domestic abuse legal aid is given to the appellant if the case provides judgment in their favour.

  5. How can the law protect me from domestic violence?

    domestic abuse solicitor

    Laws are specifically made for the protection of the rights of citizens. Hence, UK law protects you from the case of any domestic violence. In case you are facing any domestic violence, you should first hire a domestic abuse solicitor who can prepare the case for you by collecting evidence against a law violater.

    The case is then appealed before the court, and the court gives its judgment after hearing both parties.