Divorce & Financial Arrangement

We understand that going through a divorce needs to be dealt with patiently and sensitively. Our divorce solicitor London will explain to you the process and procedure in a simple to understand way.  More importantly, our expert divorce lawyers will ensure to protect your financial interests and position at all times.

We will aim to help you reach an amicable and long lasting resolution to your marital dispute.  If you are concerned about going through the courts, or highly damaging conflict, we may be able to help you reach an amicable resolution, We encourage settlement of disputes whenever possible as takes considerable amount of stress away and crucially allows you to move on to rebuilding your life.

Our objective is to help you work with your ex-partner to find a lasting and practical solution that suits you both. This is more prevalent when children are involved.  Our divorce solicitor London will be able to guide you to make key decisions throughout the process so you can assess both the immediate impact of separation but also consider the financial  needs of your spouse and children. It is important to take suggestions from a divorce financial advisor in such a situation.

A financial settlement can be amicably agreed which meets both couple’s needs.  Financial settlements should be flexible.  So this allows lump sum payments to be paid in instalments.  In addition, an agreement can and should be reached sensibly in respect of the division of the family assets whether it is a property,  pension or redundancy pay.

We will provide guidance to help you to assess not only your immediate short-term requirements of the split in the relationship but also at the same times consider the long term needs of you and the children.

There is a requirement for a full and frank disclosure by both parties, to each other and to the court. This means all the assets and the income from those assets of both parties will need to be taken into consideration.  This includes bank accounts, shares, properties, overseas assets and valuables.

Pindoria Solicitors will deal with your case on its individual merits.  We will try our utmost to avoid having to go to court by aiming to resolve the matter by negotiation.

If there are sufficient assets to sever all ties, a “clean break” solution may be the outcome. If not, then continuing maintenance may be a possibility, whether for life or until re-marriage or such term as may be agreed or ordered by the court.

Our divorce financial advisor will explain to you throughout the whole financial arrangement process matters in clear and unambiguous way.  In addition, we keep you informed throughout the process.

In some circumstances we can offer divorce funding or a divorce loans as means to facilitate the long term funding of your divorce.  Under our divorce funding available you can pay your legal fees at the conclusion of your case.

Please contact our divorce lawyers London and receive the best and the most practical solution to your case.


  1. What questions should I ask my lawyer about divorce?

    You must ask every little question arising in your mind about the divorce from your divorce lawyer. A few key questions include:

    1. How much does the overall divorce process cost?
    2. Will a single divorce attorney deal entirely with my divorce case?
    3. How long does a divorce case usually run?
    4. Can I appeal my petition under the financial settlement?
    5. Who ideally gets custody of the child after divorce?

  2. How much does a divorce cost?

    The total divorce cost that you will have to bear are dependant on the given factors:

    1. Court Fees: A specific amount of court fee is required to be submitted to apply for a divorce in a UK court.
    2. Divorce Attorney Fees: Divorce solicitors costs may vary depending on their level of experience, expertise, and complexity of the case.

    The average cost of divorce can be determined based on the fees of the above given parameters.

  3. How long does a divorce take?

    There is not any definitive answer for how long does it take to get a divorce. Various factors are to be settled before getting a divorce, such as:

    • How will the money be divided among the two parties?
    • Who will get possession of the house?
    • Where will the children live after divorce?

    It can take between 18-24 months to get a divorce in a mutual consent case. However, if one of the parties is resistant, the case can go up to three to five years.

  4. Do I need a solicitor for a divorce?

    Getting divorce solicitors for your divorce case is usually a good way to go forward as they know all the intricacies involved in a divorce case. However, if the divorce is happening with the consent of both parties, you may apply for a divorce without solicitor to save lawyer fees. If not, it is recommended to opt for divorce solicitors to handle the case rightly.

  5. Do both parties need a solicitor in divorce?

    Both parties don’t need to have ​​a separate divorce attorney for their divorce case. If the divorce is happening with the consent of both, they can share the same divorce solicitor or can have no lawyer at all.

    However, if there is a conflict in the case, you should hire divorce solicitors London that can ease the case proceedings for you.

  6. Can a judge deny a divorce?

    Yes, as per the divorce law or The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 of the UK, a judge has the power to deny a divorce. A divorce may be denied in case of:

    • Fraud done by the appellant for wrongful advantage.
    • Pending child-related matters.
    • Divorce appealed on fault-based grounds that could not prove its case with facts.

  7. What happens if one spouse doesn't want a divorce?

    An appeal for a divorce case can be made even if one of the spouses does not wish to have the divorce. In such cases, divorce solicitors present the case before the court with all their facts and information.

    The court can agree or disagree with the divorce appeal depending upon various factors. Opt for the best divorce lawyer who has expertise in a case like yours to get the case in your favour.

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