Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors London

Pindoria Solicitors assist numerous clients with matters relating to cohabitation and the law.

Some are about to move in with a new partner, and wish to draw up a cohabitation agreement to clarify the ownership of shared property and other assets. Others seek practical advice and legal assistance after a relationship has broken down or a partner has died.

In regard to such matters there is little law providing guidance on the needs of a couple cohabitating. For example, the relationship may break down or they might have children together. In such an instance which might amount to a property dispute there needs to be the application of land and trust law.

A cohabitation agreement might also seem necessary on the basis that you cannot or do not want to marry your partner. An agreement of this sort allows for provisions to be in place for your partner and children in the event of unforeseeable circumstances. The intricacies of such an agreement can be effectively drafted at Pindoria Solicitors so that it is legally enforceable.

The importance of a cohabitation agreement should not be underestimated. This is particularly in light of the lack of recognition of equivalent legal rights that might be afforded to married couples. Therefore, if a relationship between two cohabitees is to breakdown adequate provisions need to be in place to overcome any financial disadvantages that may result for both any children and the dependent cohabitee. This is where you must seek professional help from a cohabitation agreement lawyer who can set the terms of the arrangement.

For example, the ownership of property needs to be effectively reflected in a declaration of trust when purchasing a property with a new partner… From the point of view of the court, they only accept clear evidence order to convince them of what may have been agreed previously.

There is no maintenance, and no automatic entitlement to make property, capital or pension claims.

At Pindoria Solicitors, our divorce lawyers London will offer you expert advice on the cohabitation agreement and take you through any potential remedies.