Child Custody Lawyer in London

We understand that it is often prepared that decisions made regarding children are best made between parents. However, difficulties may arise when important decisions to made, especially in the middle of an divorce or relationship and that is when you have to seek advice from child custody lawyers London.

As child custody solicitors London, we seek to advise our clients on the best options available to them as parents, by helping them to resolve any contested issues in the interests of their children.. This may include cases where one parent wishes to move with the child to another part of the UK, or abroad to another country.

Our child law solicitors can advise you on the different ways that disputes concerning children can be solved, preferably from agreements reached by attending mediation.

If it is not possible to resolved your children matters without Court proceedings, we can assist you make or defend an application in the courts.  The courts have power to make the following orders regarding children:

  • Residence or A Shared Residence Order – this settles where the children should live.
  • Contact Order – an Order which allows the children to have contact with the non resident parent.
  • Parental Responsibility Order – this gives a non married father or guardian legal rights and responsibilities to make parental decisions in respect of their children.
  • Prohibited Steps Order – this is where one parent objects to the decisions the other is making in relation to their child. This can include an order to prevent the child from leaving the country.
  • Specific Issue Order – this is where parents are disagree on a particular aspect of their children’s upbringing i.e. which school the children should go to.

In the event urgent and immediate steps are required to safeguard the well being and welfare of your children, the child law solicitors at Pindoria Solicitors are able to act with urgency and necessary speed to help you obtain an emergency Court Order.

No one can remove the child from the UK (for more than one month) where there is a Child Arrangements Order unless written consent is obtained of every person who has parental responsibility or allowed by the court.

If there is no Child Arrangement Order in place, either parent can, take the child abroad without any restriction or need for prior consent.   However, this could be prevented by the other parent obtaining from the court either a Prohibited Steps Order or Specific Issue Order forbidding the child be taken abroad.

If the parents cannot reach agreement on their child or children matters then involving the court should be used as last resort.

Please contact our divorce Solicitor London to know more about the services and get the right advice and arrangements regarding child custody.