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Family Law Solicitors London

If you are going through a divorce or separation, you will have a huge range of emotions and be going through an extremely difficult time.

Our family and divorce lawyers will advise and assist you during this difficult time ensuring that you get the best outcome possible to secure a better future for you, and your loved ones.

We have highly qualified divorce lawyers and family law solicitors London helping you overcome one of life’s most challenging times.

How our divorce lawyers can help you

We know that going through a divorce is an area of law needing to be dealt with sensitively. We will clearly explain the process and procedure to you, whilst ensuring your best interests and financial position are protected.

Concern about ongoing conflicts or the possibility of the matter being taken to court is understood. Accordingly, with the help of our family solicitors London there is the possibility of reaching an amicable resolution which can take a great deal of stress away and allow you to get on rebuilding your life. Such a family law advice may be necessary especially in an instance where children might be involved.

Though there might be instances where reaching such an agreement is possible we are nonetheless determined to assist you in the process of going to court and achieving a just result.

Our family law advice also spans to the preparation of separation agreements as an alternative to a divorce. This may be more suitable to avoid implications of divorce may they be financial, emotional or religious.

Specialist Family Expertise

As a family law firm London, we have been able to help several people in the process of divorce and it is upon this where we have been able to establish over reputation of such matters.

To date, we have represented many medium to high-net worth individuals, which has amounted to incredibly complex legal and financial issues that need to be overcome.

We can also call on the advice of specialists in international family law, if the divorce or separation involves you or your ex-partner living elsewhere or you jointly own assets outside the UK.

Throughout the whole process our family law solicitors will explain matters to you clearly, using jargon free language. We will keep you informed every step of the way, providing cost effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Please contact us if you need advice on the legal aspects of a breakdown in relationship which may result in a divorce or separation. We can put you in touch with one of our divorce solicitors who can discuss your options and then decide which is best to take forward.

In some circumstances we can offer you assistance with divorce funding so you can pay your legal fees at the conclusion of your case.  In some instances you may be eligible to obtain divorce loans to contest your divorce case.

If you are looking for a family law firm London, please contact us so we can assist you through difficult legal situations in your family.

Some of our Family Law Services


  1. What is Family Law?

    Family law can be referred to as legal guidelines set by the judicial system of the UK that focuses on family affairs and relationships such as divorce, adoption, and child custody.

    Family law solicitors help clients draft legal documents like property agreements or court petitions and represent them in court. The solicitors might also have the expertise in matters related to paternity, adoption, emancipation, and more.

  2. What does a family lawyer do?

    Family solicitors or lawyers are legal representatives that deal with issues related to family and domestic relationships. The most common issues on which the lawyers represent their clients are:

    1. Marital property
    2. Child custody and support
    3. Alimony

    Apart from that, the family solicitors also help create the legal documents for the case and draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for their clients.

  3. How much does a family solicitor cost?

    The costs for family law solicitors vary depending on several factors such as the lawyer’s experience, their location, etc. Most family law solicitor costs an hourly rate.

    The fee may be charged depending upon the pricing structure followed by the lawyer or their firm. Apart from charging the clients hourly, a few attorneys have a specified fee amount depending upon the case’s complexity.

  4. What questions to ask a family law solicitor?

    Family law solicitors are the personnel that represent your side in case of a family dispute such as a divorce, child custody, and other family matters. When you meet a family law attorney for your family issues, you must ask them questions such as:

    1. How much money does the overall case cost?
    2. What is their level of experience and expertise?
    3. What kind of cases do they usually handle?
    4. Are there any other ways to solve the family issues other than the court?
    5. Who will get possession of children in case of a divorce?