Property Dispute

We have a dedicated property dispute resolution team who understand the needs and expectations of individuals and businesses from the perspective of the owner, landlord or tenant. Our experience covers residential, commercial property disputes as well as mixed use properties.  As property dispute solicitors London, we endeavour to apply our specialist experience and commercial acumen to seek redress on a full range of property dispute matters including:

  • Co-ownership disputes and TLATA applications
  • Repossession of property and rent arrears
  • Ground Rent and Service Charge Arrears
  • Forfeiture
  • Conveyancing issues- including breach of contract
  • Leasehold disputes- including rent and service charge matters and forfeiture
  • Rights of way
  • Adverse Possession
  • Property related bankruptcy/insolvency disputes
  • Boundary and party wall disputes

As well-known property litigation lawyers London, we encourage negotiation of disputes including mediation or alternatives where possible.  If litigation is necessary, we assess the position based on good business sense and practicality.  Where external advice is required specialist barristers or other professionals are engaged.  Our team of property litigation lawyers together with our other departments and professionals will collaborate to plead or defend your claim with comprehension as to the issues at stake including timeframes and costs.

Regardless as to how complex or simple your matter, we will regularly review this and work with you to manage the risks involved, anticipate the hurdles and endeavour to seek pragmatic solutions to resolve the dispute.

We recognise that clients wish to settle disputes quickly and cost effectively but court action is not always the best option in resolving a dispute.  Therefore, we seek an alternative method of dispute resolution. Often, disputes can be resolved by negotiation or mediation which is a cost-effective means of settling disputes without the need to go to court.

Please contact our tenant eviction solicitors if you require more information on our Dispute Resolution services, no matter the complexity of your property disputes, you can always rely on our experts at Pindoria Solicitors.


  1. What is a Property Dispute?

    A property dispute can be referred to as a legal dispute between any two parties that involves real estate. Property disputes generally occur due to disagreement over property issues such as:

    1. Wrong ownership claim of the property.
    2. Delayed payments to the builder.
    3. Disputes over inherited property.

    Breach of property agreement between the seller and the buyer.
    The court then gives a property dispute resolution after hearing the case from both parties.

  2. How do you resolve a property dispute?

    The best way to resolve a property dispute in a civil and legal manner is by hiring a property dispute solicitor. The solicitor thoroughly listens to your side of the case and verifies the situation with your community laws.

    Then as per the situation, the solicitor may primarily send a notice to the other party seeking an outcome before taking any legal action. If both parties do not come with a resolution, the solicitor files a lawsuit in the court.

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