Disputed Debts

Pindoria Solicitors acts on behalf of debtors and defendants who have judgment against them and wish specialist and experienced solicitors to deal with any disputed debts.

If we cannot help you, for example, we believe the claim is justified, we will tell you. Otherwise, we will respond to the claim:

  • If you have received a solicitor’s letter, we will reply
  • If a claim has been issued against you through the County Court, we will reply
  • If you have received a statutory demand, we will apply to the Court to have it set aside
  • If you have received a letter from a debt collector, we will reply
  • If you have a charging order, we will try to have this removed
  • If you have been asked to court, then we will represent you

Our service includes replying to all the correspondence you receive and providing advice on what you should do next.

Our debt recovery solicitors believe that clients should be comfortable with our service and professional approach.

Please contact us if you require more information on our Dispute Resolution services, our debt recovery solicitors make sure you receive the best deal.


  1. What is a disputed debt?

    A disputed debt is referred to as a disagreement between a creditor and a debtor related to the existence of a debt. The debtor may need to present the following information related to the debt:

    1. The amount of money it owes to the creditor.
    2. The money that is paid to the creditor.

    The debtor also has the option to dispute the debt by hiring debt solicitors who study the case and make an appeal in court.

  2. What does a debt recovery solicitor do?

    The job of the debt recovery solicitors is to recover the outstanding debts from the debtor. The solicitors primarily send a formal letter to the debtor stating the case and asking to return back the money.

    If the debtor does not respond positively, the solicitor might file a judgement debt case in court. The court after analysing the given facts then provides a judgement after which the enforcement action can be taken.

  3. What happens when a debt is disputed?

    In case of a disputed debt, the creditor has to stop all the collection activity within 30 days of the communication with the debtor. The creditor further needs to clarify that the money being demanded is fair. Moreover, the debt solicitors need to provide the given information:

    • Credentials of the creditor.
    • The total amount owed by the debtor.
    • The debt will be considered valid if the debtor does not dispute the debt within 30 days.
    • The debt solicitors will provide verification documents if the debt is disputed in writing within 30 days of the notice.

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