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Dispute Resolution Lawyer London

Our solicitors in London offer dispute resolution services between individuals and/or companies.

Should you ever find yourself embroiled in a dispute then our dispute resolution solicitors London are here to offer the assistance you need in either making or defending a claim.

With expertise in negotiating on your behalf and if necessary, issuing/defending proceedings at the High Court or County Court, no case is too big or too small for our dispute resolution lawyer and we are here to guide you throughout a service tailored to meet your needs.

As a dispute resolution law firm, we provide a thorough and clear understanding on the different aspects of litigation and its consequences.

Should you need any further assistance or feel as though you may have a dispute that requires an expert view then please contact us.

Some of the areas we have covered include:-

There are many other areas where we have been successful in civil disputes and if you wish to know more about our dispute resolution and tenant eviction solicitors please contact us or call on 0208 951 6959.

Some of our Dispute Resolution Services


  1. What is dispute resolution?

    A dispute resolution is a mutually agreed method by which different parties deal with disagreements over the application or interpretation of contracts. This process is designed to clarify the course of action that can be taken should differences crop up between different parties.

  2. What is ADR?

    An alternative dispute resolution is a process in which all the parties involved agree to seek the services of a third party (a neutral party) to help them reach a mutually agreeable resolution. The main intention of ADR is to help all the group work voluntarily towards dispute resolution while avoiding litigation or court interference.

  3. What does a dispute resolution lawyer do?

    When a client comes to our dispute solicitors, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate the claim and provide sound legal advice to the client (s) on the next course of action. We will guide our clients only after completely understanding the case requirements, scrutinizing the documents and evaluating the success prospects for the client.

    A Dispute resolution solicitor will handle all the court proceedings, prepare and draft witness statements and the full documentation. We are also involved in a mediation process, attend all-party meetings, and represent clients in court proceedings.

  4. What is the least expensive method used to resolve a dispute?

    The least expensive dispute resolution method is mediation. Mediation is a voluntary method of resolving disputes with the help of a neutral third party. All the parties should agree to this form of dispute resolution, and the result should also be mutually acceptable by all. Since it is also voluntary, mediation is generally non-binding and confidential.