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Young Death of Celebrity Demonstrates Why Wills Need Periodic Reviews

07 Feb 2018

Posted in Wills

The lives of the rich and famous can be a subject of fascination to many of us and it’s fair to say that Tara PalmerTomkinson was one such person who made the headlines.

There was a time, not so long ago, this socialite lady was almost a permanent fixture in newspapers and on TV.

However, in 2017, aged just 45, she was found dead in her Kensington apartment, with the cause of death being a perforated stomach ulcer. 

Now though, almost a year after her passing, she has made headlines again when a Will, which she wrote over a decade earlier was discovered in which she left her estate to her children.

Then in her 30s, she never actually settled down and went on to have a family and so therefore the Will was not valid.

Wills Need Periodic Reviews

In the absence of children her £2.34m estate, will instead be passed to the families of her siblings.

Taking out the sadness of such a tragically young passing, this is a tale which shows how Wills need to be reviewed from time to timeas circumstances can alter in all of our lives.

This lady had made a Will based on a scenario, which had not come to fruition and her tale is not unusual.

Unquestionably, there are many who find that circumstances change through divorce or other reasons. That is why it is wise to make a note to look at your Will from time to time.

There are many willsin London and the region, which are now outdated and if this subject is making you uneasy, it would be wise to diarise time to look at your Will, especially if it was made a long time ago.

A Will is one of the most important documents an individual can make. If you haven’t made one we suggest you do, and if you have, then looking at it every year or two makes sense.

The peace of mind that comes with a good Will made by legal experts is huge and all of us owe it to our loved ones to ensure this is a priority.