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Women’s Supreme Court Victory over Ex’s Set to See Many Divorces Revisited

02 Dec 2015

Posted in Family Law

The extensive media coverage of the cases of two ex-wives who won their Supreme Court cases, after they were apparently deceived by ex-husbands into accepting unfair divorce settlements has rocked the legal world.

Family departments in law firms throughout the land have been looking at the cases of Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil with some considerable interest. Now, following the women’s much publicised victories many more angry former partners will inevitably be seeking justice.

Mrs Sharland and Mrs Gohil say the true extent of the wealth of their husbands were concealed when the deals were struck, and now both claims will be returning to the High Court after the Supreme Court’s decision. Ms Sharland, from Cheshire, accepted £10m in her 2010 divorce from her software entrepreneur husband, believing this represented half of his wealth but this was only a small fraction of it.

His company’s value was estimated by the financial press to be worth in the region of £600m. Ms Gohil, from north London, accepted £270,000 and a car as a settlement when she divorced her husband 13 years ago. However, in 2010 Mr Gohil was convicted of money laundering and jailed for 10 years. At the criminal trial evidence revealed he had failed to disclose his real wealth during divorce proceedings, thereby affecting the outcome.

Here at Pindoria Solicitors, as a specialist family law firm involved in the sometimes delicate arena of family law, we have been watching these two legal battles closely. Now we really do see that these decisions may pave the way for thousands of couples in London, the South East, and indeed throughout the country to dig up the past.

There will be many people sleeping somewhat uncomfortably since the news broke of the women’s victory and quality family law firms like Pindoria Solicitors are ready to help whatever the situation. The law courts are going to be a lively place for a long time due to these ladies victories.

If you have any queries about this case or any other in the area of family law, please call our divorce lawyers today. We are happy to help.