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Wills- A Perfect Time For Gift Giving In Our Charitable Society

27 Dec 2017

Posted in Wills

There is a train of thought that solicitors should give more advice about leaving money to charity when discussing wills, and it is something that certainly needs bringing to the public’s attention.

After all, the general consensus when it comes to wills is that your lifetime’s legacy will be given to friends and family, but many wish to make more of a difference rather than making loved ones lives that bit more comfortable.

When making a will, gift giving to charity is a topic which, some law firms are highlighting more and more. After all, we are one of the most generous nations on earth.

Whilst exact statistics are hard to determine, data shows that roughly half the UK population gives to charity in the form of regular monthly contributions.

It may be an animal sanctuary, a hospital that saved a love one, or perhaps research into a disease, which has impacted your life directly or indirectly. Whatever the cause, we all have our own special charities, which can benefit greatly from being left a legacy.

Many people live busy, complicated lives, with extended families and making a will can be difficult to add into the equation.

However, gifts in willsplay a huge role in supporting the work of many of Britain’s valued charities. For instance, they already fund more than half of Marie Curie’s work. The awareness of giving a gift could help all these charities greatly.

We at Pindoria Solicitors believe we have a duty to give clients information on all the options when it comes to writing a will and knowing you can leave a proportion of your money to charity is worth bearing in mind.

Currently, the Law Society and government are increasing awareness about charitable bequests by writing to solicitors and will-writers asking them to raise the issue with clients.

If just a small percentage of people were made aware of how much difference their gift could make to a charity, there would probably be many more willing to leave a gift to a charity of their choice. It could mean hundreds of millions extra for many fine causes.

We hope this message spreads far and wide, as such legacies can only be beneficial to the whole of our society.