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Why Trust Remains the Solicitor’s Most Prized Asset

30 Jan 2017

Posted in Conveyancing

Being a solicitor is an occupation that carries great responsibility.

Despite being part of a heavily regulated profession, there are those who let lawyers down and if you cared to search the web for those of disrepute who have sullied our profession, you will soon find them.

However, being a trusted London solicitor is not a reputation that comes easily in an era where trust does not seem as straightforward as it once was.

Unlike some other law firms, we have our own set of rules carved in stone, which we do not deviate from. Our Mission Statement is a non-negotiable formal summary, which we instil into the very core of our firm, ensuring all our team abide by it.

It is worth remembering though that reputation is only gained through character.

One of our favourite sayings is one of Abraham Lincoln’s. “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it- the tree is the real thing.”

The law’s standing has been under threat for a long time, most notably since the dawn of the internet, with less than welcome characters using it as a way to reach people who are in difficulties for their own end.

For the vast majority of decent law firms, this is something that repels us as we need to uphold this ancient profession’s integrity.

Trusted lawyers in London have gained a good reputation through always putting the needs of their clients at the heart of what they do and that is why firms like Pindoria Solicitors continue to thrive.

Choosing a good conveyancing solicitors, be it in London or anywhere else is about doing your homework and being given the assurances that a complex issue can be dealt with well.

We urge everyone to always look into reputation and trust when choosing legal firms and remember the world is as it always has been was with good and bad characters in all walks of life.