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Why The Best Law Firms Are Embracing Technology For The Conveyancing Process

27 Apr 2017

Posted in Conveyancing

Buying and selling property has always been a demanding process for all the parties involved. It seems a price is agreed for a property, and then the waiting game begins, where often nothing seems to happen for a good length of time, and understandably frustrations can mount.

As conveyancing solicitors in London we are acutely aware of this issue and to be honest much of the time there is no excuse for extensive delays.

However, as a firm who pledges to keep the client informed throughout the process, it can be equally as difficult for us when we are dealing with the other party’s law firm and they are not doing all they can to help get the matter sorted quickly.

There are those caught up in a bygone era, who fail to embrace the technology that is now available to make the conveyancing process easier. Constant letters being posted slows down property transactions considerably and they are unnecessary.

The internet has meant that so much more is now instantly done, and the tools are available to help answer the questions we need answering. In short, the technology is here to make the conveyancing procedure a much faster and slicker process than it was 20 or so years ago.

Searches should be quicker than ever, but with technology comes the task of staying one step ahead of fraudsters. Too many criminals see conveyancing as a rich source of revenue, hence the reason that the very best conveyancing firms adhere to all the latest technological and legal requirements to protect their clients. Risk and compliance cannot be left to chance, but thankfully there are many fine online tools helping us to stay ahead of this battle.

The best conveyancing solicitors in London and elsewhere know this and should always be on top of the situation. So, next time you think about engaging conveyancing lawyer, make sure they are the sort who embraces the modern way of making property moves happen.

Snail mail and shuffling paper will remain part of the legal process for a long time to come, but in a progressive and technological era, the best tools need to be embraced. Equally, the customer should always be kept informed. This is of paramount importance.