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Why Mediation is Needed to Help Resolve Family Disputes

20 Dec 2017

Posted in Family Law

The old saying goes that blood is thicker than water, meaning families come together when things get tough to support each other.

However, whilst blood ties are important, the sad fact is that every year families are involved in disputes that can tear them all apart. 

There is often more to lose by falling out with a family member than any other type of acquaintance, and the impact on many people can be severe – parents, children, siblings, it’s a very difficult problem to negotiate when a dispute does arise.

Very few expect to find themselves in a dispute within their family, but here at Pindoria Solicitors, sadly we have seen how problems can escalate rapidly if people dig their heels in and other family members get involved.

The sooner those at the centre of the issue realise they are in a dispute, the earlier they can begin to resolve the problem. However, whilst trying to be a peacemaker helps the dynamics, there are often many different characters involved, so it is wise to get support from someone skilled at working through the issues.

Sometimes seeking professional help and guidance can enable those at the centre of the problem to find solutions, sometimes options that hadn’t previously been considered or thought of. It may be that a dispute needs a legal ruling, such as child contact in families, where there has been a history of violence and even then this legal ruling will not solve the issue. It will instead create an order, which must be carried out by law and there may be simmering resentment.

Of course, often parties do want to bring peace but they have exhausted their options. Support from a suitably qualified and experienced mediator, to look at the problem from a new set of professional eyes to find a positive way forward can really aid the outcome.

Family Mediation is a formal process, which helps people to decide on property, finance and child contact issues in cases of divorce and separation.

It’s worth adding that Mediation is a broad brush term and can work in all kinds of disputes. It’s always vital to remember that the mediation room is a place where people who have a dispute can talk in a safe, confidential and neutral space to work through differences and arrive at a solution.

It is a world away from the court process, where a judge will decide the outcome leaving one party often feeling a lot of resentment, which can last a life time.

Also, mediation is voluntary, impartial and self-determining where those in the eye of the storm can negotiate the terms of their agreements with the help of a mediator.

A family mediator does not take sides,and creates the conditions for constructive dialogue and negotiation. Also, the mediator is fair and equitable but the parties themselves agree the solutions.

We at Pindoria Solicitors are happy to be your family mediator, if you are in need of such help. The negativity of a family fallout is horrendous – it always makes sense to do all you can to find peace.