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UK Borrowing Boost Shows Bricks and Mortar Are Still Best

24 Nov 2015

Posted in Conveyancing

Any economic good news is to be welcomed and recent reports that monthly mortgage lending has hit a five year high certainly fit that bill.

The UK’s property market is certainly on the up again, which despite causing difficulties for those wishing to get on the ladder is generally good for the nation. The figures from the British Bankers Association showing August 2015 as being the best month for lending since August 2010.

As interest rates are still so low and lenders now showing more flexibility than they have done in recent times it all points to being a good time to look at property.

Here at Pindoria Solicitors, being property conveyancing lawyer overseeing a huge number of transactions annually, we have seen the upturn at first hand and now seems a good time to remind the public in London and the South East that they really do need quality conveyancing work.

Conveyancing is one of the most complained areas of law, but this would be avoided if the public really stopped to think about who they are appointing. Too many look no further than the price, not thinking what the consequences would be if they engage a shoddy conveyancer.

Here at Pindoria Solicitors, with our experienced Conveyancing solicitors London, we have clients which are seasoned property investors with sizeable portfolios across London and beyond who come to us time and time again, because they realise this is one area where skimping is foolish.

The best conveyancers find out all the problems early on, keep the client abreast of the situation all through the process, and use their experience to take away the buildup of anxiety associated with huge financial transactions.

Most of the public have heard sad stories about how someone is ready to pick up the keys and are looking at sofas, only to find out at the last second that unforeseen circumstances has left them distraught as their dream move evaporates. Please bear in mind that good conveyancing is a small fee in the overall cost of a property transaction, especially here in the South East, but it gives great peace of mind.

Experienced law firms regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority are the only sensible option rather than some conveyancing warehouse often full of inexperienced staff, which sees the public as a number rather than individuals.

We hope if you are to embark on a foray into property you will have listened to our words and we hope we at Pindoria Solicitors can help make your dream purchase come true.