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Trade Marks and the Law Need Specialist Handling

03 May 2017

Posted in Legal News

In an era where imitation is rife, the requirement for companies to protect the uniqueness of their goods has never been so needed.

It’s been the case for many centuries – traders have put symbols or marks on their products to indicate their origin, and it was not until the Trade Marks Registration Act 1875 that it was possible to register trade marks for any type of goods.

With the changing face of the commercial landscape it was still over 111 years later in 1986, before it was possible to register marks for services.

Now in 2017, it cannot be overlooked that registered trademarks give solid rights to their owners and therefore are valuable assets.

However, many still ask legally what exactly is a trademark? Well, in short, it is something (e.g. a word or sign) which enables customers to identify goods or services as coming from a particular source, even though they may not know the source’s identity.

Marks can be very valuable and important if properly developed by advertising, promotion and correct use on quality products or services, so it is paramount for the mark’s repute and the producer’s repute to protect the mark in the UK and abroad. In essence, the best means of protecting a mark is to make sure it is registered.

To do this, an application must be made to the UK Intellectual Property Office, which will then look at this application in detail to see whether it satisfies the statutory requirements for registration.

However, the mark must be distinctive and have a raft of other satisfying criteria, which trade mark experts can guide you through.

Also, it is well worth doing as registration gives a monopoly on use of the trade mark in relation to the goods/services for which it is registered.

The fact is you have stronger rights to use and protect a registered trade, whilst having a registered trade mark in the UK is also a sound platform for applications in many overseas countries.

Here at Pindoria Solicitors, we can help you with registering trademarks and make sure that the law has been carefully considered for your unique case.

Experts in trademarks in London are few and far between in the capital. It’s a special area of law with a whole set of complexities, which must be given careful consideration.

Here at Pindoria Solicitors, we are happy to help you make sense of trademarks and guide you through exactly what is needed for your own individual case. If you have any queries please do contact us today.