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Top Tips for Dealing with Disputed Wills

16 Jan 2017

Contesting a Will has never been so in demand. The reasons behind this are plentiful, with more complicated family structures unquestionably at the heart of many such cases.

Whilst each individual case has its own characteristics, the money at stake can be life changing, especially when it comes to disputed wills in London where many people have seen property prices increase beyond all imagination, as the capital and the South East have become one of the most sought after areas in the world to purchase property.

Such legal battles are unquestionably demanding on all the parties involved. Emotions run very high and the damage to lifelong bonds are at stake, so before anyone gets involved in such action, we ask that you really take time to seek counsel with those whose opinions you trust and respect before embarking on such action.

There are many reasons to dispute a Will, which a rudimentary search of the web will soon show. However, whilst the information available on the internet is a starting point, we believe it makes sense to seek information from a legal expert – especially if it’s free advice.

As with self-diagnosis of a medical condition, such analysis with a legal matter can often be inaccurate, especially when perhaps the mind is stressed and ill at ease.

Here at Pindoria Solicitors our probate lawyers, we are well versed in contentious probate as such disputes are known as. Just by calling us on 0208 951 6959 or completing our online enquiry form we can arrange a free half hour appointment.

In that time, we can get to the essence of your problem and whether you have a case to challenge a Will. This dialogue will save many hours of scouring the internet.

Also, what has to be utmost in your mind is not only the advice on the wide ranging legal implications of bringing or defending such a claim, but also the funding options available to you in contested probate disputes.

If this course of action is something you are set upon going ahead with, then we will also explore the possibility of alternative dispute resolution options as this can be less damaging for all involved.

We always strive for the best long-term outcomes for our clients; as such matters cannot be taken lightly.

We hope if you are thinking of such a course of action that this has helped you in your thought process, and as we have said we are here for a free, no obligation confidential conversation. Please contact us today on 0208 951 6959.