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The Buying Process: How a Property Solicitor Can Help

14 Jul 2021
The Buying Process: How a Property Solicitor Can Help

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When you are looking to buy a property, there are many different hops you will need to jump through to ensure that you end up being the full legal owner without suffering at the hands of a reprehensible seller. The best way to achieve this goal is by instructing a licensed conveyancer to work through the process on your behalf. Find out more about home property lawyers and learn what they do so that you can buy knowing that you are protected.

What Does a Solicitor Do When Buying a House?

Many people ask, ‘what does a property lawyer do?’ when considering buying as they are keen to keep their costs low so that they can maximise their buying potential. The good news is that they will play a vital role in the process from the very start, completing the following tasks:

Drawing Up the Contracts

As soon as your offer has been accepted, you will need to instruct conveyancing solicitors to start drawing up a draft contract. They will liaise with the seller’s solicitors to get a clear picture of what is to be contained in the sale, including any work that the seller will complete before the contracts are completed and any fixtures and fittings that are to remain in the property.

Once the sellers’ solicitor has received the draft contract, yours will then check that everything is correct and in place so that the sale can progress without delay.

Raising Queries and Completing Searches

Once the draft contracts have been received and considered, your property law solicitors will be on hand to field queries about the property that may come up and liaise with the seller’s solicitor. They will also complete several searches on the property so that you can be certain that there are no problems that may come up in the future. The searches they will perform include:

  • Land Registry searches
  • Environmental searches
  • Local Authority searches
  • Chancel repair searches
  • Water Authority searches
  • Local searches

In addition to searches and queries, your solicitor will be ready to renegotiate contracts if any issues come up due to the Home Buyer’s Survey or if you want to change or add anything before you exchange.

Helping with Mortgage Conditions

When you apply for your mortgage, your solicitor will need to check your mortgage conditions and ensure you have enough funds to pay your deposit. They will also make sure that you have buildings insurance in place before you can exchange contracts.

When the day of completion comes, the solicitor will then receive your deposit and mortgage funds from the lender and then transfer them to the seller’s conveyancer to complete the sale without any problems.

Supporting Successful Contracts

When you are at the stage to exchange contracts, your solicitor will draw up a final contract based upon all the terms you have discussed and provide you with a moving date that will typically be more than seven days after exchange.

Once everything is finalised and the moving day arrives, your solicitor will transfer the funds, and the contracts will be completed. This then allows you to move into your new property once you have collected your keys from the solicitor, estate agent or other collection location.

Finishing the Sale After Completion

Once you have completed and moved in, you may think that your solicitor will have finished their work, but in reality, they will continue to complete work on your behalf. They will need to pay your Stamp Duty, and they will also send you all the documentation they completed and collated for your records.

Additionally, they will provide your mortgage lender with a certified copy of the title deeds and get in touch with the freeholder if you have purchased a leasehold.

Only when all of this is complete will they then send you a final bill for their services which will need to be settled promptly.

Finding the Right Property Solicitors in London

Buying a property requires a lot of in-depth legal knowledge that is best sought from a conveyancing solicitor. So take the time to search for one that can meet your needs fully so that you can enjoy a smooth service from start to finish.

If you need a conveyancer service in London, then Pindoria Solicitors are ready to help. Our service is designed to get you the outcomes you need with the least stress or worry, and we are proud to have a team of dedicated property solicitors London who know how to get you the results you need. So get in touch with us and arrange your appointment today.