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The best law firms need to cater for the elderly

09 Nov 2018

Posted in Family Law

In an era where the pace of change for all of us has hit new highs, it is only right to think how difficult change can be for some members of our society.

Sadly, millions of people who are in the autumn of their years can feel very left behind as technology continues to juggernaut along.

What brought this to mind for this article is a recent piece we read about legal matters in the modern world, which can be so hard for those older member of our community.

Of course, for many people below 40 this seems probably alien, but considering people in their 70s started work over 40 years before computers and mobile phones became the norm – is this really so surprising?

Sadly, there are law firms, especially in a city like London, who are caught up in a continually fast pace of life and have technology, which is ill-equipped to look after their older clients.


However, modern communications is not all about Facetime, Skype etc and many people just want the friendliness and transparency of face to face meetings, and really begin to get behind the veneer of the professionals who will help them with some very important decisions.

What can also be overlooked at times is that we are living longer, but that does not always mean in the best of health. As we at Pindoria Solicitors have said before, dementia is increasing hugely due to many people getting well into their 80s and beyond.

So, it is clear that the elderly need protection now more than ever.

Of course, many have family members who will look after them, but that is not always the case, especially as so many people now travel so far from home and sometimes all over the world to live and work.

That is why firms like Pindoria Solicitors believe in an attitude of respect to make the elderly feel as comfortable as possible when meeting us.

It goes without saying that solicitors have to adapt to change, but it must be in a way that is for the benefit of all in our society.

The elder members amongst us deserve respect and understanding. We believe this and act accordingly.