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Survey Shows Divorce isn’t Always Final but Break-Ups need Understanding Experts

09 Dec 2016

Posted in Family Law

Being family law experts amongst our many areas of legal knowledge, we have had to contend with the difficult situation of overseeing many a divorce over the years.

Bearing this in mind, it is with some interest that we at Pindoria Solicitors have noted a new survey recently published showing that relationship break-ups aren’t always the end of the road for couples.

Infect, the recent study carried out by, found that 54% of British people who’ve been through a break-up in the past five years ended up getting back together with their ex-partner.

The survey also showed that three per cent of those questioned revealed they had separated and then patched things up six times or more.

On average, a couple will go through three break-ups before parting ways for good.

Apparently though, this is a trend spearheaded by the younger generation known as the millennial, which are roughly defined as people born around 1980, which shows that it is a small proportion of the market.

However, it is certainly a survey which is worthy of note, but whilst we can draw some conclusions that breaking up is hard to do, it should in no way demean the difficultly of marriage and relationship break up.

Unquestionably, the break-up of marriages, divorce and the affect it has on so many others has to be bore in mind when taking on decisions of such gravity.

That is why all good family law experts take time to really get to the heart of the matter, be they London divorce lawyers expert or anywhere else in the country.

Surveys can sometimes make life-changing decisions, which affect people nothing more than just statistics.
Everyone affected by marriage break up in need of legal help should have their case treated with the understanding and uniqueness that it deserves.

Marriage break experts can help guide people to the next chapter of their lives and this should never be overlooked.

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