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Summer Holidays Final Straw for Many Leading to Separation and Divorce

13 Aug 2015

Posted in Family Law

At the moment, there is calm before the storm for many family lawyers in London and beyond as we get ready for an upsurge of activity in autumn.

It is estimated according to most statistics that more than 40 per cent of marriages end in divorce, and it is following the summer break after disastrous holidays that often action is taken.

When marriages are on rocky ground it is often the case that one of the parties decide to leave the home and start divorce proceedings following a miserable holiday, which is when happy couples and their families should be enjoying high quality time.

It is during a summer break that couples have been in each other’s company more than most times and this is make or break at times of crisis. As soon as normal work/ life recommences the unhappy party or parties visit a local divorce law specialist feeling the marriage has reached the end of the road.

It is a sad pattern and one, which we see replicated after Christmas has been the final straw. Some people ask our divorce lawyers because of our experience is there a formula as to how marriages fail?

We don’t believe there is. It can be the case that a difficult relationship can limp on for decades before action is taken, but sometimes what one party believes was a strong union can fall apart very quickly.

It is always a difficult time whatever the reason and that’s why Pindoria Solicitors experienced and sympathetic divorce solicitor are needed.

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