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Solicitor Fine Illustrates Importance of Quality Conveyancing

21 Jun 2017

Posted in Conveyancing

The importance of ensuring the legal work for property transactions is carried out to the highest quality has been illustrated recently with the prosecution of a law firm who didn’t take their responsibilities seriously enough.

The solicitor, who will not mention by name, had overlooked indicators of money laundering and accepted he had been ‘sloppy’ when he appeared at the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, where he was fined £7,500.

This man has now had to deal with the shame amongst his fellow professionals as the news has been published in the legal media. It has been a sobering experience.

However, what is possibly more alarming is whilst this fellow member of the legal profession has been brought to book, there are many working in conveyancing that do not face such standards, because they are not solicitors.

When buying property, which is the one of the most expensive acquisition many people will ever make, the conveyancing cannot be left to chance. It has to be right or the repercussions are great.

Here at Pindoria Solicitors, as well as other experienced conveyancing professionals we are acutely aware of our duty to clients and take all actions to ensure that every aspect of our conveyancing duties are to the highest standard and this obviously includes security.

Good London conveyancing firms like Pindoria Solicitors do all in their power to protect their clients, whilst also being aware that we have standards to meet to protect our professional reputation.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority, as the regulator for all legal matter is doing its utmost to help its members stay as aware as possible of money-laundering issues, cybercrime etc and focuses on our profession and training.

The best conveyancing law firms have a serious approach to all transactions.

It is worth reminding our clients and the general public of our duties to them. After all, whether it is London conveyancing firms or elsewhere in the UK it makes good sense for the public to work with solicitors with a proven track record in conveyancing. Such firms will be so much more aware of the risks.

The best law firms minimise risk to clients and their own reputation as much as it is possible. At Pindoria, we never cut corners.

It’s a dangerous world and legal matters cannot be ‘sloppy.’ All of us must avoid complacency to stay ahead of criminals. The importance of quality conveyancing has never been so paramount.