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Silver Separators on the Rise as Divorce Figures Decrease

16 Mar 2016

Posted in Family Law

New figures seem to indicate that many couples could be waiting for their children to leave home before getting divorced, with the over-50s the only age group in which splits are rising.

The figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the number of divorces in England and Wales has decreased again with the over-50s the only group bucking this trend. The new figures, which are for 2013, have been compared with those for 2003, and we, as divorce lawyers here in London and the South East believe it makes interesting reading.

They show increases only in the oldest age bracket and in a very small number of men under 20 who separate from their spouses. The ONS said there has been a trend towards the group with the highest rates getting older in recent years with the 40 to 44 age bracket currently seeing the most divorces.

As family lawyers, we at Pindoria Solicitors believe more parents may be staying together to provide stability and then waiting for their youngsters to fly the nest, which accounts for older people getting divorced. This is understandable as when the children have left home, given the longer lives that most of enjoy now, and a general increase in wealth our divorce lawyers are regrettably seeing divorce rates increase in middle age.

It is widely acknowledged that these so called silver separators in poor relationships may not want to spend another 20 or 30 years in their current situation. The latest figures continue the general decrease in the divorce rate since 2004 with the ONS saying rates are now broadly similar to those in the 1970s.

Some key findings include a decrease in divorces of 2.9% from 2012 to 2013, with the average length of a marriage at divorce now 11.7 year with the average of divorce 45.1 years for men and 42.6 years for women. However, no new statistics have been released for the percentage of marriages that end in divorce so the official proportion remains at the 42% figure last calculated in 2011.

Whilst statistics like this make interesting reading they don’t unfortunately take into account the human cost, which still means that divorce is a hugely traumatic ordeal that needs help from specialists. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in marriage difficulty and wish to know about how to make the split as painless as possible, then the divorce solicitor at Pindoria Solicitors are happy to help.