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Reputation Proves the Solid Foundation For Solicitors

29 Aug 2017

Posted in Legal News

It is welcoming news for all of us in legal services in London and elsewhere in the UK who have worked hard for many years to build a solid, professional legal practice that new research has shown reputation to be the most important factor when choosing solicitors.

A recently releasedsurvey by the Legal Services Consumer Panel is good reading for trusted solicitors the length and breadth of the land, demonstrating the importance of building a solid legal offering for our customers.

The organisation’s annual tracker survey for 2017showed thatonly 27% of consumers shop around for legal services, and almost three quarters base their decisions on reputation.

It is fair to say in our 24/7 world there are some cynical views about the legal profession, especially when those of poor values get highlighted in the media for their misdemeanours.

Therefore, it is also encouraging that public trust in lawyers has also risen from 42 per cent to 45 per cent, which whilst below doctors and teachers, is well ahead of bankers and estate agents.

Unsurprisingly, price was the most important reason after reputation for choosing a law firm.
It’s good to know though that it’s not always about bottom dollar services.

Whatever you’re area of expertise, it has to be valued and the years of training to be a lawyer followed by many years of building up expertise dealing with many different legal scenarios should never be undervalued.

Trusted law experts like Pindoria believe in quality legal servicesfor our clients and it appears that many in the legal profession also adhere to good values. This means by and large both England’s law firms and its clients are in good hands.

The law is often a difficult and frustrating minefield for the public, where matters can be complicated and can test the patience of all involved. However, it is good to know that by and large it is still a respected profession as this recent survey shows.