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Re-Mortgage Solicitors and Their Vital Role in Saving You Money

07 Mar 2017

Posted in Conveyancing

It’s a competitive world out there and this is especially so in the mortgage market. Every day many London people find a better mortgage deal to save them money and then start the process of re-mortgaging.

For us at Pindoria Solicitors being very experienced conveyancing solicitors in London, this is an area of expertise and one that is much called upon.  After all, re-mortgaging a property gives people a huge amount of options. Generally, though it is done in order to raise finance or to take advantage of a healthy financial climate.

However, it is fair to say, it can be a difficult process for members of the public and should not be undertaken without instructing a specialist re-mortgage lawyer. Once we have been instructed, however, we are able to make life easier for you by liaising with your mortgage broker, obtaining and reviewing the title deeds to your property and checking the re-mortgage offer – as well as, conducting all relevant legal searches.

In most cases, we can make this process run relatively smoothly and once the re-mortgage goes ahead, we will send a certificate of title to the lender who can complete the process. The whole re-mortgaging process is well worth looking at, as it can save huge amounts and once completed the lender will send the money obtained through your re-mortgage to your solicitor.

If you have a new lender, we as solicitors will use these funds to pay off the previous mortgagee, which is known as redeeming it. Once this is completed, we will then transfer the remaining money to you and register the new mortgage with the Land Registry and return the deeds to the new lender.

So, as you can see the whole process of re-mortgaging is a messy process for those not doing it on a daily basis, and instructing a conveyancing solicitor to help with the legal formalities is good common sense. Anybody wishing to know more about re-mortgaging or require any conveyancing advice should contact us at Pindoria Solicitors. We are always happy to help.