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Public Need to Heed Warnings of Do-It-Yourself Divorce

31 May 2016

Posted in Family Law

Whilst the digital age has opened up many opportunities for all of us, it is alarming how often some decide to take legal matters into their own hands.

An example of this is DIY divorce.

Experts in family legal matters, like Pindoria Solicitors advise against DIY divorces as the long-term result can be costly in so many ways.

Divorce is a difficult process emotionally and needs much consideration. When we first talk to people contemplating such a step we ask them to go away and consider their next steps carefully.

It is then that we can start the process, which is a million miles away from mowing the lawn or hanging up wallpaper.

Legal matters surrounding divorce are dealt with by skilled professionals who have many years’ experience and can negotiate the choppy waters on your behalf, which are much needed when a couple is dealing with a life-changing move, which they usually find very difficult.  

An interesting case, which is worth highlighting, is that of a couple which opted for a quickie DIY divorce five years ago, which costed less than a thousand pounds.

During the process, they were the ones that were responsible for ensuring each stage was carried out correctly. However, the decree absolute was overlooked and never obtained.

Later, the man went on to re-marry, but his former wife alerted the police that they were still in fact married, and the decree absolute had never procured. The man pleaded guilty to bigamy and was forced to pay a fine and costs plus the extreme stress that he had to go through so unnecessarily.

Divorce is a difficult step and untying a life that has been so closely interlinked without professional legal advice from our divorce lawyer is certainly not worth risking.

Please contact the divorce solicitors at Pindoria Solicitors for proper legal advice regarding divorce including divorce funding.