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Property Sales Agreed Hit 10 Years High

02 Jun 2017

Posted in Property

Confidence is a state of mind, which drives forward the wheels of industry.

The right words or wrong ones from the influential can have a huge bearing on all our lives, so with this in mind news that agreed property sales are at a peak not seen since 2007 is reason for optimism.

Being conveyancing experts in London and the South East we find ourselves very much at the hub of the property market, which is a key indicator of the nation’s health, and it’s good when we hear news to help keep the economy ticking along nicely.

The data from Rightmove has shown a strong spring market, which flies in the face of gloomy and uncertain economic commentators who are feeling shaky as the country prepares for life outside the EU.

The London and South East remains far and away the most attractive place to buy property in the UK as it is generally more certain than other parts of the UK. After all, the strength of London as a global city has long attracted the brightest and most ambitious from all continents.
It seems that here in 2017 this remains so; despite most of us agreeing that we certainly are living in interesting times.

Property is always a great investment and  it is worth pointing out that the legal work of ensuring house sales go through has never been so vital, at a time when conveyancing is the most complained of legal area.

A trusted legal property expert is the only certain way that property transactions are dealt with correctly. Trying to find short cuts and bargain basement answers is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

We hope and trust property in London and the surrounding areas continues to remain stable and the UK economy remains on track to continue to be the incredible country it has turned out to be in recent years.

Good news like that of Right move’s should ensure a steady path to Brexit and a bright future for all of us.