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People Need More Options Than Just Marriage Study Shows

25 May 2017

Posted in Family Law

The attitude towards cohabitation has changed substantially in the past generation, and we at Pindoria Solicitors have said before how frustrating it is that often the law is playing catch up on life’s changes and this is certainly the case in this instance.

It seems clear from a recent survey showing that the majority of people in the UK believe that civil partnerships should be open to all couples.

The survey organisation Populus’s findings said 57 per cent of people surveyed believed that all couples should be allowed the right to obtain a civil partnership.

As things currently stand, same-sex couples can either marry or alternatively enter into a civil partnership but mixed-sex couples can only get married. Some of you may recall that earlier this year the Court of Appeal in England ruled that the status quo cannot continue as couples are being treated differently.

So the government will need to think on the future for civil partnerships, with many people believing civil partnerships should be allowed for everyone. Also, though, there are others who think they should be removed completely, leaving marriage as the only option.

The upcoming election has thrown matters into disarray somewhat, as it was the case that the Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Amendment) Bill, which would extend the availability of civil partnership to opposite-sex couples, was due to have its second reading in May, but Parliament is now due to be dissolved on 3 May 2017, which means this won’t happen.

Some of you may also recall that earlier this year London based heterosexual couple Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, lost their Court of Appeal battle to have a civil partnership instead of a marriage. They had challenged the ruling that said they did not meet the legal requirement of being the same sex. However, it was far from a comprehensive defeat.

The judges said there was a potential breach of their human rights, and the government should have more time to decide the future of civil partnerships. The couple now intend to appeal to the Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the land.

Civil partnerships have been a great step forward for same sex couples and it appears that a new legal system where civil partnerships are available for all may not be too far away.

As ever, we at Pindoria Solicitors welcome any advancement, which supports the realities of how we wish to live our lives in the 21st century. If you wish to know more about civil partnerships in London we at Pindoria Solicitors are happy to help.