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OCI Applications Need Experts for a Smooth Passage to India

28 Apr 2016

Britain and India have for a long time shared very close ties, hence the reason that there is such a huge Indian community in the UK, especially here in London and the South East.

As the economic ties between the two countries continue to grow applications for Overseas Citizenship in India (OCI) is something that we at Pindoria Solicitors see more and more of.

However, the process can sometimes not be so straightforward, and the paperwork can at times be difficult – crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s takes time, and an innate understanding of the system is required.

The complexity of the process means that there are very few law firms in London who are experts in Overseas Citizenship in India (OCI) applications. However, the fact that we have completed so many successful applications it is worth highlighting to the community.

For many years now, we have offered a complete service to our clients for OCI applications and are more than confident in submitting applications online.

Our service includes:

  • Draft and prepare your OCI application
  • Prepare the OCI Affidavit/Statutory Declaration
  • Organise a Postal Order (optional)
  • Monitor the OCI application
  • Inform you when the OCI application is successful

It is also worth pointing out that our clients tell us how much they appreciate the strain we take away from them.

Whilst preparing the applications is one thing, monitoring it and keeping the applicant right up to speed all throughout the oci application process is essential.

For those who are investigating this process, we would like to highlight the changes made in March 2015 by the High Commission of India, London office, where all clients will need to submit their application in person.

However, whilst such a process can be daunting it is very much there to provide reassurance and overcome hurdles.

If you wish to know more about how Pindoria Solicitors can help with your OCI applications UK, please contact us today.