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Lost Wills an Issue That Needs Solicitors Help

16 Jun 2016

Posted in Wills

There are countless articles about how vitally important a Will is and why using a trusted local solicitors firm is important, but what is perhaps not discussed as often is the importance of lost Wills.

Whether you live in London or the Highlands missing Wills is an issue that affects lots of families every year, and can cause a great deal of upset for everyone involved.

The problem is that very little canbe done as a national Wills register does not exist, so if a Will gets lost, then the person who made the Will is treated as dying intestate – that is, without having ever made a Will. So, what can be done to remedy this situation?

The most sensible course of action is to give the Will to your trusted local solicitor, whilst also keeping a copy for yourself, and letting those who need to know where the Will is.

This is very important because once a person has passed away, then the job of trawling through paperwork usually falls on loved ones, who are going through a very stressful time.

As experts in Wills here in London and the South East, we at Pindoria Solicitors urge those reading this article to make sure they make a note to discuss this topic with their loved ones.

As we have said, if a Will is never found the person is then treated as having died intestate. In addition to the anguish this will cause the family, it also means the deceased person died never having had their wishes met.

Issues surrounding Wills are difficult to broach, but proactive action does provide a great sense of well-being for the person who has made the Will and gives enormous peace of mind for the family.

There is seldom a perfect time to make a Will, so now is as good a time as ever. If you wish to talk to us at Pindoria Solicitors about making a Will, please contact us today.