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London’s Educated Workforce Show Need for International Estate Planning

21 Sep 2016

London has the most educated workforce in the whole of Europe, according to a recently conducted survey. With two in three people in the city educated to degree level or higher, our capital has by some distance the most learned people in any city across the continent.

Be it law, technology, or entrepreneurship this wonderful place, so steeped in history is a magnet for those across the globe who has the drive to better themselves. Being great advocates of the city of London, we never cease to feel wonderment at the rich diversity of people here in our capital, be it in practicing law or any other profession.

That is why; we at Pindoria Solicitors have found ourselves increasingly busy in International Estate Planning, where we are being called upon as one of London’s experts in estate planning to help many people from across the world.

Globalisation and the way London has shaped itself to be a world leader in finance, backed by its incredible culture, means that not just those from Europe, but people from elsewhere now make London their home. Over many years now, with this at the forefront of our thoughts, we have built an international capability for trusted expert legal advice and service to UK resident and also non-resident non-domiciled clients.

To add to this, families, individuals, and business owners from overseas also see us at Pindoria Solicitors to deliver cost-effective answers for their legal problems. Knowing this rich and varied city so well, we also work closely with associates throughout Europe and further afield, such as Africa and Asia.

>This sophisticated clientele work with our international estate planning lawyers on the use of offshore trusts and corporate structures for asset protection and other issues, including structuring the ownership of real estate. London is a true world city and having a part to play in meeting and assisting our very brightest citizens with all manner of legal problems is a privilege.

We are delighted to see surveys like this showing how advanced this city is and we are happy to help anyone who wishes to know more about international estate planning or any other legal enquiries.