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Legal Resolutions You Should Make for 2017

13 Dec 2016

With the decorations up, many are bidding fare well to 2016 and focussing on what they can do to make 2017 a good year.

So, we at Pindoria Solicitors thought about the New Year Resolutions that really would benefit everyone who reads our blogs.

There are some legal moves that are greatly beneficial, which everyone should commit to in the upcoming 12 months.

It is good sense to make sure that you make a Will and also see a trusted solicitor about a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), which will help you if your health deteriorates irreparably and allows power to your loved ones to make decisions on your behalf.

This is hard to dispute, especially for those who are at a stage in their life where such matters have to be considered more greatly.

It is with some frustration that despite lawyers all over Britain doing their best to highlight how the pubic need to protect themselves in such a way, very few take this advice.

Therefore, please take these steps in the year ahead to do this, as there is never an ideal time.

We hope you act on our words and equally take this opportunity to wish you a well over the festive break as it is a time, when most of us can make new memories and spend time with those who we care for.

From all us at Pindoria Solicitors, we would like to wish everyone in the region a splendid festive season and prosperous 2017.