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Lasting Power of Attorney – Essential to Save Family Anguish

16 Apr 2016

As law experts dealing in many various arenas of our legal system, it is always sad when we become involved in situations that could so easily have been avoided.

One such area involves Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs), which is a very inexpensive way of providing protection for individuals and their families.   It averts huge amounts of money and stress, yet it is alarming how few people know about them.

Even those who are aware can be reticent as LPAs as they are known in the profession means thinking about ones health and your eventual demise. It’s unfortunate that too few people consider their final days, and this can often lead to problems for them and their loved ones. In London and the South East there is more need to know why this document should be used.

If you develop a debilitating condition, such as dementia, or perhaps have an accident that makes you incapable of making your own decisions, then you will want someone you trust to have the legal power to act on your behalf.

A Lasting Power of Attorney can set out how you wish them to handle your financial,property and health matters, so you get the care and treatment you wish for.

This could include selling your house to pay for your care, or perhaps claiming your pension and benefits to ensure your responsibilities are met.

However, when applying for a Lasting Power of Attorney you have to be healthy. Absence of an LPA may mean that your family may have to go to the Court of Protection, and begin a long drawn out, stressful and expensive exercise in gaining control over your affairs.

Here at Pindoria Solicitors we regularly help with Lasting Powers of Attorney and all manner of planning for the future. We are accredited with the Law Society’s Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme.  WIQS is the benchmark of receiving high quality standard for Lasting Power of Attorney as well as wills, probate and estate administration practices, by requesting that firms adhere to the scheme Protocol. It is a symbol of best practice quality mark for advice that you can trust for your Lasting Power of Attorney.

We call on those who haven’t yet taken this sensible course of action to do so. In an age where we as a population are generally living longer that having a Lasting Power of Attorney together with a Will are much needed documents for everyone.

To discuss Lasting Power of Attorney with our specialist private client solicitors, please call us today on 0208 951 6959 and we can start putting your mind at ease.