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Important Things to Consider While Choosing a Conveyancer

30 Jun 2021
Important Things to Consider While Choosing a Conveyancer

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Knowing how to find a good conveyancing solicitor is an important step in property purchases or sales. However, picking one out can be hard work, especially with so many things to consider. So take a moment to read our advice so that you can learn how to choose a conveyancer for your conveyancing process with confidence.

What Does a Conveyancer Solicitor Do?

Conveyancing is the legal process that is required when you decide to buy or sell a property. A conveyancing solicitor works to help transfer property by ensuring that all legal duties are met and that their client has been informed of everything important about the property before signing a contract. They are a vital component to house sales and purchases.

Finding the Right Advanced Conveyancing Services

Before you sign up for the first property conveyancing solicitors you find, consider the following to help you make the right choice:

Does Your Mortgage Provider Have Them on Their Panel?

Suppose you choose a licensed conveyancer that is not on your mortgage provider’s panel of solicitors. In that case, you can expect a lengthier process that is more complicated and can even result in you being refused a mortgage. Therefore, it is wiser to pick one on the panel or ask the solicitor to register for the panel to reduce any potential problems.

Think About Fees

Many people find a conveyancer based on the fees they charge, but this may come back to haunt you at a later date. Going for the cheapest does not necessarily mean that you are getting the best and so it is wise to discuss fees and what you can expect from the conveyancer for what you pay.

Get a Full Fee Breakdown

When you are happy with the fees quoted and have instructed the conveyancer to proceed, then you should receive a full breakdown of their fees and how they are calculated. This will allow you to see where your money is being spent so that you are not left questioning your decision. If they are not forthcoming with the fee breakdown, then it may be a warning sign that you should look elsewhere for support.

Get Some Recommendations

If you have friends or family that have recently bought or sold a house, they may recommend the conveyancer they used. If not, then there are many independent review services online that can provide you with recommendations you can trust so that you end up with the right conveyancer for the job.

Search for Local Firms

Local conveyancing solicitors will have a good working knowledge of the property market in the area, and this can be beneficial when it comes to arranging everything in a cost and time-effective manner. Many local firms have years of experience, so take the time to search around until you find one that fits the bill.

Ask About Their Experience

It’s important to remember that when you instruct a conveyancer, you are the client, and they are working for you. Therefore, take the time to ask about their qualifications experience before you agree to proceed so that you can be certain that they are up to the task ahead.

Query Their Communication Strategy

There is nothing more stressful than constantly having to chase a conveyancer for information about how your sale or purchase is progressing. A good conveyancer will discuss the communication on offer and work with you at every step so that you know what is happening and when it is happening.

Don’t Automatically Follow an Estate Agent Recommendation

Many estate agents enter into an agreement with a solicitor whereby they recommend them to each of their clients in return for a financial agreement. However, blindly following this recommendation can lead to you getting poor service. Therefore, it is wiser to seek out your own conveyancer whilst considering all recommendations that come your way.

Pindoria Solicitors – the Best Conveyancing in London

Choosing the right conveyancing firm could be the difference between smooth sailing and a stressful process when you are tackling the property market. Finding a well-qualified property solicitor who will communicate with you regularly and keep you informed will help you to manage your expectations and the process with minimal stress and fuss.

If you live in London or are looking to buy or sell property in the capital, then Pindoria Solicitors is here for you. We provide an expert service at a competitive price so that your conveyancing needs can be met without any hassle. Contact our team today to discuss your conveyancing London requirements and let us help you to buy or sell your property.