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Immigration Issues Vital as We All Ask Questions of Our Changing World

28 Jun 2017

Posted in Legal News

In this post Brexit world, as individuals and businesses, many of us find ourselves wondering what steps we need to take to adapt to a changing landscape. For those new to the UK, for businesses setting up a workforce here, and many others, the questions are even more pressing. After all, as the UK extrapolates itself from Europe there are many businesses and individuals having to make key changes, all decisions which need expert legal advice. Here at Pindoria Solicitors, with our highly experienced immigration legal team, we have been on hand over the past year, just as we were before the referendum, to guide our clients and give clarity on strategic immigration advice, which obviously varies from business to business and individual to individual. When going through complex documentary requirements, it is vital to have some fundamental knowledge of what is required. 

For instance you should think through the Tier 1 Investor visa if you have at least £2 million to invest and wish to set up home in the UK. This investor status is highly recommended in that it a great deal of freedom in the country and can lead to accelerated settlement depending on the amount invested. If you do go down this path, there is the requirement of an individual to be engaged in the full time running of the business. It is worth knowing that this type of visa does not impose a restriction but still allows an individual to either establish a business or take employment. Remember though, that this allows 3 years and 4 months if applying from outside the UK, and to 3 years if applying from within the UK. For entrepreneurs, we are on hand able to assist, as we have substantial experience in working on many Entrepreneur Visa clients from a vast array of countries. As we have said, each individual’s personal needs and requirement are different, so generic advice has to be substituted for concise and thorough advice allowing the client to make the best decision. Much is also dependent upon current UK immigration status. More details can be found on our investors and immigration page on our website. We are honoured that this specialist legal offering remains ovne of our most sought after areas of expertise, and we hope if you need help in this arena we can advise.