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How to Choose a Solicitor? Trust is The Key

04 Jan 2017

Posted in Conveyancing

Like all professions, the legal sector is always under scrutiny in this rapidly changing age.

This has been highlighted recently in The Law Society Gazette, which ran a feature about how according to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) ‘interested parties,’ are concerned the legal services sector is not as it should be.

It stated that people are finding their legal needs ‘unmet’ and when people do hire a conveyancing lawyer; the CMA thinks their methodology in finding one is flawed seemingly due to a lack of information.

However, whilst we welcome the debate, we at Pindoria Solicitors believe personal experience, reputation and recommendations are the best way to choose a lawyer.

Therefore, not unlike choosing a mechanic or a roofer there has to be trust and it is all about the public using their own methods to find trusted law experts in London or elsewhere.

We at Pindoria Solicitors like all law experts pride ourselves on our reputation. Reputable lawyers in London guard their reputation like gold. They will always advise the best solutions based on personal integrity and the values of the firm above everything else.

Comparison in the huge variety within the legal services market can be complicated. A bookmaker will tell you not all pairs of shoes are the same, are of the same quality, and will do the same job, and this is as true of divorce funding expertise, conveyancing and any other legal service.

We also believe the CMA’s drive for more consumer information totally overlooks the huge increase in online information.

We at Pindoria Solicitors provide in-depth information about our services, personnel and experience.

Consumers want quality and ultimately legal experts thrive or perish on what the public deem as quality.

Whilst the consumer needs to be safeguarded, we believe the best legal experts in London, Leeds, Liverpool or even Liberia can only do so by carrying out consistently high quality work, which turns customers into loyal advocates.

We at Pindoria Solicitors will always strive to be the very best and we trust all law firms who continue to flourish do also.

The good name of the many reputable lawyers who safeguard this profession we hope is enough to ensure that the best of British justice is given to the public.