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Google placings often poor indicator for legal services

10 Oct 2017

Posted in Legal News

Thankfully, word or mouth remains the number one way that law firms acquire new clients – this despite living in an era where the phone, tablet or laptop is never far away. Trusted law firms in London, Lanarkshire or Lagos though must be aware of the power of online messages, and only those unaware of this may encounter problems.

Sadly though, whilst the internet has no doubt widened choice for all of us, we now have a situation where unregulated seller of legal services establishing themselves at the top of Google and other internet searches are leaving the public in potential jeopardy. Many law firms are still excluded from the first page of Google in response to basic legal questions.

Searches such as ‘legal help for divorce’ or ‘where to go for legal advice on a will’ often brings up results for unregulated organisations, who could mis-advise the public. This is not an insignificant number either, with bodies in our industry estimating that the unregulated sector accounts for up to 30% of total sector turnover. This means the public looking for high quality law firms need to be on their guard.

Online choice coupled with the deregulation of some legal services means the public need to be acutely aware. Many organisations, some of them quite unscrupulous are using internet marketing tactics to attract new clients, and the public sometimes think they are being given the right advice when they are not. Experts like Pindoria Solicitors are heavily regulated and insured to ensure the public is given the right advice and are protected.

Legal mistakes can be extremely serious and financially costly, so the simple fact is if you need to pursue a legal enquiry a regulated local firm of solicitors with highly trained expert staff remains far and away the best course of action. If you need any help with your legal issues, contact us at Pindoria Solicitors today.