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Fraught Festive Season the Final Straw for Many Couples

17 Dec 2015

Posted in Family Law

The festive season here in the UK is portrayed as a happy time, when at the end of a year we all get quite nostalgic, pour out the mulled wine and put on a Christmas pullover to have quality time with those we love.

However, here in London divorce enquiries will be the New Year’s resolution as divorce lawyers are inundated following a miserable Christmas break.

Christmas, regrettably is a period that highlights problems. It is when a secret affair becomes harder to cover because of family duties, and also when fed up couples reflect on the years gone by and some demand a new chapter away from the one they made their vows with.

Generally, around twice as many people see divorce solicitor in London and the South East in January and it is really not that surprising. After all, it is cold, dark and away from day to day work and family duties many people realise they are coupled with partner’s they would rather not be with.

Simmering tensions can soon bubble up into something nastier and extra alcohol and unwanted visits to relations all add to the financial worries that Christmas brings. This all demonstrates why when the doors re-open in January divorce experts are much in demand. Whilst this sad tale of yuletide woe seems a million miles away from many of us, we at Pindoria Solicitors believe it is worth highlighting.

After all, all of us of a certain age will remember good times and bad times and memories of tales of Christmases that we would rather forget about.

We wish all of you a joyous festive season, but if you are not as happy in your relationship as the advertisements would make us all believe, then we hope this has given you some reassurance that you are not alone.