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Estate agents referrals questioned by public who value word of mouth

02 Nov 2018

Posted in Conveyancing

It is of great interest to all law firms who offer conveyancing that a significant proportion of home owners do not trust solicitors they are referred to by estate agents, a survey has found.

The recent research for property platform, When You Move, was of just over 2,000 people, including 1,350 home owners.

Of this, 38% mistrusted legal services referrals from estate agents citing reasons such as, biased referrals linked often to commission gains that is not in the best interests of their property transaction.

It is also worth noting that almost as many (36%) said they found the legal processing of their property transaction the most dissatisfying part of buying and selling a home.


These findings are of great interest to us at Pindoria Solicitors as we believe that high quality conveyancing is a prerequisite when dealing with what is often the most expensive purchase in someone’s life.

Independently hunting out a quality conveyancing solicitor is so vital. Having someone who is acting in your interest is so crucial in the long run. After all, many people can find out unfortunate things too late about their property purchase. It is better to get the cards on the table early and know you have someone on your side.

Equally, we are not surprised that so many find the legal paperwork so frustrating. Often this cannot be helped. There is much paperwork and necessary ticking of boxes, which are par for the course and important to ensure all bases are covered.

However, we believe a good dialogue with a trusted conveyancer can help alleviate much of the stress and give a road map of what to expect.

The survey showed that just 1 in 5 (21%) would not use the same lawyer again due to bad customer service, while some 12% said they were put off buying a home by the nature of the legal process.

As expected, there was little sign of a decline in consumers’ preference for word of mouth recommendations when searching for a conveyancer. It showed that just 17% said that they trusted the opinions of online reviews and customer feedback over those of their friends and family.

It is good to know that so many people still do their own research by talking to trusted family and friends.

In conveyancing, word of mouth remains the best option, as it does with many legal services.

We hope this report are signs of an increasingly savvy public making informed choices about quality conveyancing in London and elsewhere, which they know will be to their benefit in the long term.

If you wish to talk to one of our legal property experts about your next house move, please contact our London conveyancing property experts. We are happy to help.