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EastEnders star dementia admission – A message for us all

29 Jun 2018

Posted in Family Law

In recent weeks, one of Britain’s best known actors has disclosed she is battling Alzheimer’s disease, which makes us consider the effects such conditions have on loved ones.

For those of us in London, the news about Barbara Windsor is especially sad.  She is born and bred in the capital, and for two decades until relatively recently was a lynchpin of EastEnders.

Of course, long before then she was always in the public eye, being more remembered by many people for her roles in the Carry On films of the 1960s.

Now aged 80, Barbara Windsor has suffered a misfortune in health that affects so many people now as our population ages.

Barbara Windsor

Nearly always, it is families and other loved ones who carry great stress with such illnesses – one of the main issues is being caught up in bureaucracy.

The news of Barbara Windsor helps us at Pindoria Solicitors illustrate how many people each year endure difficulties when dealing with the paperwork of those with such health problems.

According to experts, dementia sufferers are due to top a million in the next decade, showing this is a long-term issue for society.

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 can help in that it allows people to manage money on behalf of their incapacitated loved ones, under what is known as Lasting Power of Attorney Agreements, and these are extremely useful.

It is a document which allows another person to make decisions, where a person has lost mental capacity, but vitally it can only be set up when the person is still of sound mind and able to make decisions for themselves.

Many people will be aware how trying to talk to banks or similar institutions on behalf of someone else leaves people exasperated due to client confidentiality.

This frustration is exacerbated if the person is not able to make their own decisions.

Once a Lasting Power of Attorney is in place it does not mean the donor can no longer make decisions. They can continue but the appointed attorney is there just in case they do experience issues.

As Lasting Power of Attorney experts in London, we at Pindoria Solicitors are here to assist so please contact us if you need help and advice.