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Domestic Violence Needs Legal Expert Help and Understanding

08 Aug 2016

Posted in Family Law

Domestic violence here in London soared in 2016 with figures up 15 per cent in the period to November 2015 compared to the previous year.

It’s a grim statistic, but sadly part of life and as solicitors aiding victims of domestic violence our first advice to those involved in such abusive relationships is to talk to someone who can help.

Therefore, if you’re in a violentrelationship, our Divorce Lawyers London at Pindoria Solicitors are on hand to help you to protect you and your loved ones.

The whole subject of domestic violence is a difficult one and is a problem that crosses all classes and cultures, so it is wise to speak to experienced divorce lawyers who will put your interests first.

Such matters, as difficult as they can be to talk about, need addressing to break the cycle as everyone has the right to live without fear.

It is an area of law where working with a divorce solicitor you can trust and rely on is of the utmost importance. We know that opening up about such matters is a big step and that is why we promise you that you can talk to us in confidence about your situation, where we will give you legal advice on the options available to you.

Matters such as obtaining a court order to protect yourself from abuse and stop the abuser coming near you is something we are well versed in, and we can also put you in touch with other organisations that can offer support.

You need peace of mind in making the right decision and our family law experts have helped countless victims of domestic abuse over the years, so you can be sure the issues you are facing will be answered with understanding and tried and tested advice.

Such matters can be incredibly difficult and that is why we offer sensitive, objective and practical legal assistance.

If this is a position you find yourself in, we assure you that you are not alone and once we know the details of your situation, we will work as quickly and diligently as possible to ensure you and any loved ones are protected.

If you wish to speak to us in confidence, please call us at Pindoria Solicitors as soon as you feel able and remember the sooner you speak to a legal expert the sooner you can re-build a life free of domestic violence.