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Divorce an issue that needs highlighting all year round

06 Mar 2018

Posted in Family Law

January is often seen as a time for divorce to be highlighted in the media.

For many years now, based on many people wanting to start a new life away from their partner in the new year, there has been a tendency for the subject to get more attention than at any other time.

Despite this though, we at Pindoria Solicitors have found that the difficult decision to end a marriage can come at any time of the year.

Individuals have their own storyline to their lives and it is safe to say the thought process that leads to marriage break up varies greatly from person to person.

There can be people who spend many years in a tortuous relationship, but somehow continue, whilst there are others whose marriage unravels very quickly.

Therefore, with the dynamics of human relationships being so complex, divorce cannot be a subject that can be so readily pigeon holed.


We at Pindoria are always striving to do our best for the long-term good of all involved in a marriage break-up, and we believe it is vital that the subject is handled with dignity and those in the middle should really take time to look at the issues and the impact.

It is not uncommon for us to talk to a potential client to find out if they are really ready for such a momentous change in their lives, and then advise them to go away and think further before moving things forward.

Good family law experts will always do what is best for a potential client and approach the whole subject of divorce in a careful and considerate way.

Divorce is incredibly emotional, and good legal advice should be at the centre of any decision, so as to help those in need of support.

We are not counsellors, but we often find ourselves becoming an intrinsic part of the emotional support framework. It is purely because we care.

Anyone who wishes to talk to Pindoria Solicitors about any matter surrounding divorce or family law can do so by contacting us today.