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Disputed Debts need the Right Course of Action

19 Dec 2016

Posted in Property

Money is a prickly subject and especially so when it comes to money owed, whether it be to businesses or individuals.

After all, cash flow is vital to help businesses and individuals function, and payment of invoices is a common problem for pretty much everyone.

So what is needed when it comes to disputed debts is to be sure of the right course of action, whether it be a strongly worded letter right  through to enforcement of court judgment in the UK, EU and outside the EU.

Here at Pindoria we have been involved in dispute resolution for many years, be it dispute resolution for businesses or even individuals.

We have the empathy too as we know it’s often a tough and sapping ordeal for those chasing money and may even involve instructing search agents to trace debtors where ever they may be.

Many think litigation is always the answer, but not so. What we always say is before litigation you need to ask – is this really the right approach?

After all, it is better to reach an agreement to secure repayment that could suit both parties without harming what could be an on-going business relationship.

All avenues in property dispute resolution need to be explored and mediation can resolve the issue and we at Pindoria Solicitors are keen to look for flexible solutions.

However, though if unfortunately litigation is the only way forward, then it is essential to consider if the debtor is worth going after?

Throughout the whole process we are there and we can also look at Insolvency proceedings, which should not be seen as a method of debt recovery but the mere threat of this often results in payment.

Debt recovery is a broad school of law with many options, and here at Pindoria Conveyancing Solicitors we are debt recovery experts used to adopting both a tough stance or a ‘softly softly,’ approach if needs be.

It is also worth pointing out that our credentials are such that we act for both large corporate clients, including lenders, as well as smaller businesses and individuals.

Furthermore, we look to solve all cases efficiently and successfully allowing everyone we act for to go about their business as easily as possible.

If you would to discuss this, please call us at Pindoria Solicitors on 020 8951 6959. We can soon put your mind at ease.