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Dementia Awareness Helps Raise Importance of Lasting Power of Attorney

29 Jun 2016

Whilst this blog has missed May’s Dementia Awareness Week, we at Pindoria Solicitors make no apologies for raising the topic again, which we feel needs highlighting more than just one week a year.

We are pleased that such campaigns are helping highlight issues surrounding the disease, which seldom make it onto the general public’s radar.

During the week, the BBC enlisted broadcaster Angel Rippon to investigate the increasing burden dementia is having on society and in a thought provoking documentary investigating the causes of the disease. Ms Rippon helped highlight the importance of a Lasting Powers of Attorney, a document which aids families in the UK each year to avoid enduring bureaucratic nightmares.

Ms Rippon, who has feared dementia, may affect her because her mother had the disease, told at the end of the documentary how she has made instructions known to her family about what she would want done if she was incapacitated by the disease. This is why a Lasting Power of Attorney is so important.

With the Alzheimer’s Society stating that figures of dementia sufferers are expected to top a million in the next decade, the task of caring for people in such situations is on the increase.

However, the Mental Capacity Act 2005 allows people to manage money on behalf of loved ones under what is known as Lasting Power of Attorney agreements, and they are vital for in such situations.

It is a drawn up document, which allows another person to make decisions where a person has lost mental capacity, but it can only be set up when the person is still able to make decisions for themselves.

Once a Lasting Power of Attorney is in place, it does not mean the donor can no longer make decisions for themselves. They can continue as before, but the appointed attorney is there just in case they are needed.

Having safeguards, such as a Lasting Power of Attorney is much needed and we applaud Angela Rippon for using her influence to help bring this to the public’s attention.

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