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Conviction Demonstrates Why Reputation is the Key for Trusted Solicitors

28 Sep 2016

Posted in Family Law

Trust and honesty are prerequisites when dealing with law firms and all expert solicitors protect their reputation ferociously.

Be it here in the capital or even the small towns of this country, law firms will fight tooth and nail to protect their reputation and it makes us wince when we are let down by others without integrity.

However, here in London solicitors just like in every walk of life have good and bad in our profession, so it is to be applauded when corrupt people muddy in your reputation are brought to justice.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is here to ensure that all firms adhere to the very highest code of conduct and its diligence is doing so has been recently proven once more, when it closed down the practice of a family law solicitor in the Midlands who was convicted this summer of tax fraud after wrongfully claiming £37,000 in income tax repayments.

The SRA intervened into the practice known as Simply Solicitors (Family Law Consultants), in Cheltenham and Worcester. 

The SRA said that the adjudication panel was satisfied that there was a strong reason to suspect dishonesty, and the owner had broken SRA principles and/or accounts rules.

It has also been reported in the legal press that the firm’s owner Dianna Gerald was convicted at Manchester Crown Court on four counts of fraud by false representation and is soon to be convicted.

Thankfully, cases like this are relatively rare. After all, that is why they make headlines. However, due to the nature of legal services by far and away recommendation/word of mouth is still the best method for us gaining new customers.

This is welcome too because everyone needs a trusted solicitor that they can rely on as we are often called upon in times of trouble.

Recent years have seen many of the unscrupulous trying to get a foothold in the legal market place, and with the internet a breeding ground for corruption, we ask you to bear all this in mind and ensure you are protected.

A good, trusted legal expert in London or elsewhere is worth the peace of mind. At Pindoria Solicitors like all good legal firms this reputation and the service we provide to our clients will always be front of mind.